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Sean Kingston Should Never Be Allowed To Buy Jewelry Ever Again



Who keeps selling jewelry to Sean Kingston? Furthermore, why do they keep expecting to get paid?!

The Jamaican singer is in hot water once again for neglecting to pay for a pricey piece of bling … this time, a Rolex watch! According to TMZ, Kingston agreed to pay Norman Silverman Diamonds $46,000 for the fancy timepiece in June of 2013. Upon purchase, Sean dropped 10K, then sent in a check for the remaining balance and the watch was delivered to him. But the gag is, the check bounced!

Sean was able to send an addition 15 racks in September of 2015, but the buck stopped there.

Now, Norman is suing for the remaining $21,353! The extra dough is for lawyer fees.

Unfortunately, this is just another lawsuit in a string of suits against the “Beautiful Girls” singer. There are approximately four or so additional suits that we are aware of — all from folks who sold Sean watches, rings, necklaces, etc.

Get it together, Sean!

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