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There is a fascinating theory making the rounds about Aaron Hernandez. New claims suggest the former NFL player took his life in order to secure his daughter’s future. Under Massachusetts law, his death (while his appeal is still pending) serves to VOID his arrest and conviction and restores him to his pre-arrest state, legally.
Therefore, the argument is that if he never violated the law, he never violated his contract because his “bad acts” were never proven or punished.

According to

Lawyer Michael Coyne told CSNNE’s “Toucher and Rich” Wednesday, “If these convictions are ultimately vacated — both his conviction with Odin Lloyd and his conviction on the gun charge — because of his failure to appeal, will his estate, will his child and his wife be able to recover either some of the bonus that’s still due to him under the Patriots contract or any of his pension benefits that the NFL might owe him?”

In June 2013, the Patriots withheld $3.25 million of Hernandez’s signing bonus. They also refused to pay him his $2.5 million in his guaranteed base salary. New England cited the collective bargaining agreement as their reason for withholding that guaranteed money. That’s the money Hernandez’s lawyers will likely pursue.

Coyne added: “The question is then: If he’s no longer criminally liable, has he violated the provisions of any of his contractual terms? And you know, where there’s money like this involved, the lawyers will have a field day.”

In other words, the legal loophole could result in some income, paid by the Patriots and the NFL, for Hernandez’s family. And lawyers will explore how much money, if any, they can recoup for their client’s family by scrutinizing his contract with the Patriots.

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Celtics React To Gordon Hayward’s Nasty Season Opener Ankle Fracture



Boston Celtics player Gordon Hayward hit the hard wood in Cleveland on Tuesday night for the team’s season opener. Unfortunately, the night took a turn for the worst when Hayward suffered a nasty injury that will leave him out for quite some time.

Less than six minutes into the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Gordon was going up for an alley-oop when he landed wrong. When his feet hit the floor, his left ankle just snapped.

Coach Brad Stevens later confirmed that Hayward suffered a fractured tibia and a dislocated ankle.

According to reports, LeBron James went to check on his opponent during the game.

Kyrie Irving also told reporters post game that “It’s tough. I’ve seen a few injuries in my career and I’ve had a few,” Irving said. “Probably two of the worst ones I’ve been in the game watching — one was [George] at USA and this one tonight. It’s not a great sight to see, but you gotta pick yourself up. Just keep on fighting, man.”

He added, “We understand that [Hayward], God willing, will be fine, and we’re going to continue to pray for him and be there for him as best we can.”

Isaiah Thomas, who helped recruit Gordon to the Celtics, tweeted: “Woke up this morning praying hard for my guy … Minor setback for a MAJOR comeback my brotha, all love from me!”


The athlete, who signed a four-year, $128 million deal, has yet to comment.


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