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Another Brand Dragged For Offensive Message! Why Dolce & Gabbana Is Getting Blasted



It’s been a terrible month for popular brands around the world.

In April alone, Pepsi was blasted for using Black Lives Matter to sell their product and Nivea was dragged for suggesting “White Is Purity” in one of their new ads. Now, high-end line Dolce & Gabbana is being berated for a slogan plastered on one of their new products.

Stefano Gabbana, half of the famous duo, unveiled the brand’s new fall 2017 white sneaker on Instagram, which has the words, “I’m Thin & Gorgeous” written across it.  The shoe, which was a collaboration with Japanese illustrator Jumpei Kawamura, was not well-received by social media users.

“Your caption is disgusting,” one person wrote. Another user commented, “Why is anyone surprised. This brand only ever catered to rich, skinny people, front the get go.” Someone else wrote, “You don’t think it’s a little unresponsible [sic] to push a message of ‘Thin and gorgeous’? I hope this will be followed by a message of inclusion of all bodies?”

After being completely slammed by Internet users, Gabbana actually had the nerve to fire back by posting on Instagram, “When idiocy distorts reality!!! Incredibile!!!! Next time we’ll write LOVE TO BE FAT AND FULL OF CHOLESTEROL.”

He then listed a few news outlets that reported on the critics going after the company.

The bigger question is: Will models standup and boycott the brand or at least boycott modeling the shoe?

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1 Comment

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