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Tyrese Defends New Marriage To Internet Trolls … Again!



Tyrese Gibson is still defending his marriage to the Internet trolls hating on his new wife, Samantha Lee.

The singer and Lee secretly tied the knot on Valentine’s Day, but after the R&B singer proudly announced their nuptials, fans started to criticize the star for marrying a “white woman.”

Samantha is far from white; she’s actually of Ecuadorian, African-American and Jamaican decent. But Tyrese’s constant use of Black Queen has angered social media users, yet the singer, for some reason, is still harping on the disapproval of his fans.

Over the weekend, the newlywed shared a lengthy post on Instagram addressing the haters. “When we fell for each other it wasn’t falling at all. It was walking into a house and suddenly knowing you are HOME…. #MyWifeMyLife,” he wrote.

He continued, “Now……. Guys go ahead be yourself…… we will be in the bed cuddles, loves and hugs and I’m sure you’re going to see to it that we’re entertained…… Let’s start by arguing that she’s a white girl – yeah that’s a good start…… Get it all out your system! Say whatever it is you want – just know….. We good over here…… #TheGibsons #SheGotHerMasters and #iOWNMyMasters #VoltronRecordzChairman.”

Gibson’s marriage came as a shock to many, but mainly because there was no sign of a wife-to-be. So, who is she? Samantha is a gorgeous, accomplished social worker with a Masters Degree in social work from University of Georgia.  The two met in 2015 through mutual friends.

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