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If you’ve been waiting to hear the N-word on primetime TV then here’s your chance!

The Carmichael Show will air the unedited racial slur on an upcoming episode this season. That’s right, “nigger” will be said for millions of NBC watchers to hear. Why, you ask? Well, when the show’s star, Jerrod Carmichael, was asked about the decision he exclaimed, “N-word’ is childish.. say it!” Carmichael told Deadline. “We know what we’re talk about; we’re not speaking to children.”

Oh, and speaking of children, the show will air a parental advisory beforehand so you will have time to get your kiddies out of the room. And they may need to stay out during the entire episode. Jerrod says the controversial word will be used about six times.

The Carmichael Show returns for its third season May 31.

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