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Scarlett Johansson Loved Going Semi-Nude For New Flick ‘Ghost In The Shell’



Scarlett Johansson is back, playing another kick-ass heroine in the live action remake Ghost in the Shell. 

In the film, based on the popular Japanese manga (a.k.a. adult cartoon /comic strip), Johansson shows off her flawless figure, playing The Major, a one-of-a-kind human cyborg … and she absolutely loved it.


“I love the character, you kind of have to,” she said with a big grin. “Part of the process of getting into this whole mess of production is, you know, you become emotionally committed to the role, and you empathize with the character’s unique experience … I have a lot of love for The Major.”

And she had a lot of love for her costume as well. The “silicone, wetsuit onesie,” as ScarJo called it, was custom made for her body to give off a semi-nude appearance, so she definitely had to get in shape for the role.

In the Rupert Sanders-directed film, The Major is deployed by the Japanese government’s shadowy Section 9 to fight cyber-terror.

Check out what her co-stars Pilou Asbæk and Chin Han had to say about keeping up with the 32-year-old while filming in the video above.

Ghost in the Shell hits theaters March 31.

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