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Prayers For Auntie Fee, Internet Star On Life Support After Massive Heart Attack!



The Internet’s favorite chef, Auntie Fee, is fighting for her life and her family is asking for prayers.

Felicia O’Dell, b.k.a “Auntie Fee,” is a viral cooking sensation with videos that rack up hundreds of thousands of hits. But now the star, also known as “Chef Sista Girl,” is at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center after suffering a massive heart attack.

Reports of Fee’s condition spread Tuesday night with TMZ posting that O’Dell had actually passed away. Later, an update was posted saying that the gossip site had received erroneous information from Fee’s family and that she was, in fact, still alive but on life support.

The news of the heart attack shocked Fee’s fans, but the chef posted on Facebook just days prior that she wasn’t feeling well.

The family has also updated her FB page asking for prayers.

Fee has been uploading her home-cooked meals to YouTube for a few years now. Below are a couple of her most popular dishes.

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