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On Tuesday, Tyrese shocked the world when he dropped news that he secretly tied the knot.  The singer/actor told fans about his Valentine’s Day nuptials with a sweet video post on Instagram, and a follow-up post about the couples pre-marital counseling with Pastor Creflo Dollar.

But, he left out one important detail — who is this woman. Many who follow Tyrese on social media know he’s been praying for a (second) wife. Now her identity has been revealed and some interesting details that may shock you.

Credit: Facebook

The new Mrs. Gibson’s name is Samantha Lee. Sources close to Tyrese revealed her identity, and get this, she isn’t some video vixen / or IG model. Lee, who also goes by Samantha Lee Schwalenberg, is an accomplished social worker with a Masters Degree in social work from University of Georgia.

Credit: Facebook

She also is Black! Despite Tyrese calling her his #BlackQueen on Instagram, many of his followers questioned her ethnicity. Lee is a native of Dayton, New Jersey, and is of Ecuadorian, African-American and Jamaican decent. According to her Facebook page, she resides in Athens, Georgia.

Credit: Facebook

She also makes her own money. According to sources, she brings in a hefty salary working for the Division of Family and Children Services in Georgia. She mainly handles sex and human trafficking cases and counseling for inmates.

Gibson also confirmed her identity on his Instagram page Thursday afternoon.  “TMZ actually got it right! This Time!” the Fast & Furious actor said, referring to a story the site posted detailing their romance.

Apparently the pair met through mutual friends back in 2015. Gibson attended the UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball in Atlanta with Lee this past December.

The couple will honeymoon in Egypt.

Gibson, 38, was previously married to Norma Mitchell for two years before splitting in 2009. The pair share a 9-year-old daughter, Shayla.

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  1. Saraya

    March 7, 2017 at 6:45 AM

    It is so absurd that tyrese, and many others are calling her black, while she does not embrace that herself. She describes herself as Latina, not black,and not even mixed. He is the one that brought attention to it because he is realizing subconsciously he is a hypocrite.After all the preaching of black love, and how much he loves chocolate skin, then dates black women, but then decides secretly to marry a non black woman,and then explain to the world that somehow she has some black in her, by calling her his black queen,which does not make her black. He has been exposing black women and claims to know why black relationships are failing. Tyrese is a joke! IF anyone were to google Kim kardashian’s photo on her wedding day,his wife looks just like her.

    • Lisa

      March 19, 2017 at 11:39 AM

      I agree! I guess some people can just choose to be what ever they want to be at that time if it benefits them at the time. Love who you are and the history of your family all the time.

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