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Journalist Kimberly Guilfoyle is taking Bow Wow’s claims that he should “pimp” Melania Trump very seriously. In fact, the Fox News correspondent thinks the rapper and Snoop Dogg should be killed.

During a recent episode of The Five, a group of Fox News correspondents shared their thoughts on Snoop’s controversial video mock shooting Donald Trump. But things got extra heated when discussing Bow Wow’s message to Trump in Snoop’s defense.

After correspondent Greg Gutfeld called Shad Moss, the rapper’s legal name, a “desperate,” “washed-up” “little b*tch,” Kimberly suggested secret service should “just kill” both rappers.

“I think it would be fantastic if Snoop and wannabe Snoop got a visit from the federal marshals and let’s see how tough and gangster they are then,” she said. “This is horrible behavior. What a double standard. There would be outrage all over the place if someone said this about, God forbid, about Michelle Obama. It’s so offensive.”

While it may be deemed offensive, where was Fox News when the former First Lady was being called names, or when Obama dolls were being lynched?

Bow Wow, by the way, did respond by trolling Kimberly’s Instagram page. He wrote in the comment section: “This b*tch getting roasted. Enjoy your walking papers. What I said was a tasteless joke. You were not joking. KILL US? Nah b*tch kill yo self!”


Is Toya Wright Really Pregnant?!



Toya Wright may be expecting a bundle of joy … at least that’s what the blogs are saying.

According to several reports, Wright is expecting a little one with her new boo of less than a year. Supposedly, the mystery man is a sports agent and he, along with Toya’s friend and family, is thrilled about the new baby.

Sources also say that Toya’s been trying to lay low because she’s starting to show but take a look at these pics…does it look like she’s preggo to you?

Wright is already the mother to 18-year-old Reginae Carter, who’s father is Lil Wayne. Congrats to Toya if this news is true.

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