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UPDATE: HipHollywood just spoke with Molly Qerim exclusively about the recent chatter that she cheated on Jalen Rose. She tells us she’s overwhelmed with how fast the lies were able to spread because it’s not her! We are told she was seated next to her friend the entire time, and in the clip, you can hear her friend tell Molly not to look at couple because she wanted to record them without being caught.


ESPN First Take host Molly Qerim is being slaughtered on social media after a friend posted video online that appeared to show Qerim booed up with someone not named Jalen Rose. Molly and Jalen are an item … but after Molly’s gal pal posted and then deleted the suspect video of her lounging on another dude, folks dropped by the ESPN talent’s IG comments for a good old-fashioned dragging.

These are just some of the crazy things people have written:

  • “SMH. This bihhh cheated on my dawg. F*ck u!! U c*nt b*tch.”
  • “Damn, why you cheating on Jalen Rose, he already a corny analyst. You were the best thing going for him.”
  • “Damn Molly a hoe too. There’s no decent girls left bruh lmao.”
  • “That’s what you call ‘fukery’. That was foul, of you.”

Neither Molly or Jalen have commented on the scandal but Molly’s friend Angelica has. According to her, the couple published on her social media making out is not Molly and a mystery dude, but a Mexican couple she didn’t know.

I put a video on Instagram Stories on Sunday afternoon. It was completely innocent and supposed to be funny and now that blogs like @mediatake.out @theindustryonblast are attacking people I love, I feel that I have to address it. Sunday I went to see my friend Molly who was staying at LA Live and working out of there for a few days. We went to lunch in her hotel and then sat outside the restaurant at the JW Mariott, because we were killing time before we went to the church she used to go to, near USC, when she lived here. While we were sitting outside there was a Mexican couple outside fully making out that could have been my cousins in broad daylight and I thought it’d be funny to video it and caption it “Get a room”. Molly was ignoring me on her phone and when she saw what was going on, while I was filming, I told Molly to stop looking at them, because they were gonna see. That turned into a twisted rumor that Molly was the one making out with the random guy in broad daylight, with her coworkers all around. People tried to flip that she went to church to “repent for her sins”. I can’t even deal. The only reason I took the video down was because all of the nasty comments I was getting on the video. I’m so sorry I created this mess . Swipe right. You can even see her Louis Vuitton sneaker in the frame, because she’s sitting right next to me. If you knew anything about Molly you’d know she would never do any like this.

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Ya’ll believe her or nah?

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Kim Kardashian Savagely Claps Back At Lamar Odom Over Khloe Diss



Let’s be clear, Kim Kardashian isn’t a savage, but her clapback to Lamar Odom after he low key dissed her sister Khloe was pretty ferocious.

After Odom appeared on BET’s The Man Cave and told the hosts that he knew his marriage to Khloé was over “when she was with her second or third NBA ballplayer,” Kim got him all the way together.

“Or second or third brothel,” she shot back via Twitter.

The former NBA player reportedly frequented brothels including Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch were he infamously overdosed back in October 2015. Khloe helped nurse him back to health and even called off their divorce until he was fully recovered.

Odom told the hosts that he has nothing but love for her and wished well with her new relationship with Tristan Thompson and her pregnancy. “I’m happy for her! She took care of me,” he said. “She’ll be a good mother, for real. She’s a great woman.”


You can see the full episode of BET’s Mancave Thursday at 8/9c.


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