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Exclusive Details: Police Explain Why They Detained Wyclef Jean



Wyclef Jean took to Twitter early Tuesday morning to blast Los Angeles law enforcement for mistakingly identifying him for a man who had just robbed a gas station.

According to the Haitian singer, he was stopped in West Hollywood and “instantly hand cuffed before being asked to identify myself and before being told why.” According to the 47-year-old, he was treated like an absolute criminal.

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HipHollywood spoke directly with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department who told their side of the story.

Per the public information officer, an armed robbery occurred in the area Wyclef was in and the victims of the crime gave officials a suspect and vehicle description.

We are told that upon making contact, deputies realized that not only did Jean’s car match the description, but he also matched the suspect, all the way down to the style bandana worn by the artist.

Police made the detention and later determined he was not the suspect.

Clef, who was wearing a Haitian bandana, was told he is more than welcome to call the station to discuss what had occurred, but instead, he took to Twitter.

We are told that Jean was detained for less than ten minutes. But ten minutes was enough to berate officials for another case of mistaken identity.

The actual suspect was found shortly after just 4 blocks away from Wyclef’s initial point of detention.

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