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Did Drake Drop Jennifer Lopez Collabo From ‘More Life’ Because She’s Dating A-Rod?



Drake FINALLY dropped his long-awaited playlist More Life on Saturday and, as expected, it’s full of features from folks like Young Thug, 2 Chainz and Kanye West.

But one person noticeably missing is his rumored former flame, JLo. Back in December, the pair could be seen dancing to the track “Get It Together” while at her dad’s prom-themed birthday party.

But on the album version of the track, Lopez has been replaced by UK artist Jorja Smith, who sings the hook. So why the switch-up?

One might speculate Lopez’s new relationship with baseball star Alex Rodriguez may be to blame. According to sources, she and Drake split in February because of their hectic schedules, but Lopez was seen just a few weeks later canoodling with Rodriguez.

On the track “Free Smoke,” Drake spills a little tea about their romance and alludes to the fact that Lopez may have curved him. “I drunk text J. Lo / Old number so it bounce back.”

Then on the track “Teenage Fever,” the 30-year-old MC laments that a lady friend is to ‘blame for what could have been” before singing the hook to J. Lo’s classic “If You Had My Love.”

Coincidence? We think not. Drake is the king of subliminal shots and clever innuendo and he does more of it on More Life. Of course, the romance could have all been just a ploy to get clearance for Lopez’s 1999 hit.

That’s just our two cents… let us know yours in the comments below.

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