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Apollo Nida Gunning For Phaedra Parks’ Pockets



Phaedra Parks thought her divorce was final … but the gag is, she’s still married to Apollo Nida!

Parks announced to the world that her divorce was done just a few months ago, but a judge has decided differently. Apparently, the divorce was “unfair” because Apollo wasn’t informed of the final hearing and now a judge is giving him a fair shot at a settlement. It’s worth noting that Nida is currently serving an 8-year prison sentence for several types of fraud. Nevertheless, the judge also blasted Park’s for her pettiness because she intentionally misspelled Apollo’s name in the divorce docs.

So, since the marriage is technically still on, Nida is coming for what he believes is his. The items up for debate include the marital home, personal properties and several businesses. Oh, and he also wants joint legal custody of the couple’s two children, Aiden and Dylan.

Phae Phae has been silent on the matter but since she’s an attorney, we’re hoping she comes correct next time.

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