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Don Cheadle went on a Twitter tirade over the weekend and completely unloaded on Donald Trump for being a racist “misogynistic …  pu**y grabbing, bankruptcy machine.”

The actor first suggested in a series of tweets that he hated Trump ever since the real estate mogul “asked my friend’s father at a Doral pro-am if he’d ever ‘f*cked a ni**er.'”

The Captain America star confirmed that the comments were made before The Donald was sworn in and that it simply was when he was a “misogynistic, draft dodging birther, conspiracist, pu**y grabbing, bankruptcy machine.”

Cheadle’s rant comes after Trump accused former President Barack Obama of ordering Trump Towers to be wire tapped. Trump has not provided any proof, but he did take a major dig at Obama tweeting that he’s a “sick guy.”

The FBI director, meanwhile, has reportedly called Trump’s claims false.

But if The Donald just looked to none other than Instagram, he might be able to find all the proof he needs.


No Joke: Bill Cosby Is Back On Stage Doing Stand-Up



We are not trying to shame the elderly, but we are super confused why Bill Cosby is back on stage doing stand-up. He is after all 80-years old and going blind, but apparently that’s all apart of his routine.

Cosby did a set on Monday at LaRose Jazz Club in Philly and poked fun at his visual impairment amongst other personal anecdotes. He didn’t touch his pending trial, but many suspect his resurgence into the public eye is all a ploy to revitalize his image.

Just two weeks ago Cosby attended a dinner with friends and let reporters tag along to ask questions and take photos. This time around Cosby announced on his Facebook that he’d be doing a set a couple hours before. He wore a sweatshirt that said “hello friend” and also played the drums alongside the Tony Williams Jazz Quartet.

Folks in the audience are laughing … so maybe it’s working.

#BillCosby has returned to comedy since his trial last summer.

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The disgraced comedian’s retrial on sexual assault charges is set to begin in April, and a new jury selection begins at the end of March. He averted a decision this past June when a jury couldn’t agree on a verdict … ending in a mistrial.

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