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Seems like a lot of folks want Trump out of the White House. With his extreme executive orders and worrisome cabinet, getting the Donald out of the Oval is not just a wish at this point, to some, it’s a prayer.

Let’s take a moment to really look at what that means. In theory, removing #45 sounds like a win-win situation, but when you see who his successors are, it’s terrifying. Here’s the order of succession if Trump exits Pennsylvania Ave. (this list was spotted at NYDN but bears repeating).

1. Vice President Pence

2. House Speaker Paul Ryan

3. President pro tempore of the Senate Orrin Hatch

4. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

5. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

6. Defense Secretary James Mattis

7. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

8. Acting Secretary of the Interior Kevin Haugrud (nominee Ryan Zinke has not been confirmed by the Senate)

9. Acting Agriculture Secretary Michael Scuse (nominee Sonny Perdue has not been confirmed)

10. Commerce Secretary (vacant seat; nominee Wilbur Ross has not been confirmed)

Unfortunately, the folks that follow Trump would still keep his divisive and troublesome policy forging ahead. So, still want Trump gone? Let us know why in the comment section below.


Is Toya Wright Really Pregnant?!



Toya Wright may be expecting a bundle of joy … at least that’s what the blogs are saying.

According to several reports, Wright is expecting a little one with her new boo of less than a year. Supposedly, the mystery man is a sports agent and he, along with Toya’s friend and family, is thrilled about the new baby.

Sources also say that Toya’s been trying to lay low because she’s starting to show but take a look at these pics…does it look like she’s preggo to you?

Wright is already the mother to 18-year-old Reginae Carter, who’s father is Lil Wayne. Congrats to Toya if this news is true.

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