Say What?! Kandi Burress Tried To Fight A Pregnant Tameka “Tiny” Harris

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Xscape members Kandi Burress and Tameka “Tiny” Harris may be great friends, but they’ve also been known to knuck if you buck … even if one of them was pregnant!

While co-hosting on The Real, Burress recalled a time, about 20 years ago, when she got in a girl fight with Tiny. Unfortunately, at the time, Harris was pregnant with her first daughter, Zonnique. Yikes! “She swung on me first,” Kandi explained to her shocked co-host, “Look, she was cursing me out, I was being cool and then she said something that like… she called me the “b” word, I called her the “b” word back. And then she got mad ’cause I called her the “b” word, but she said it first!”

Luckily, the fight was broken up almost as soon as it started. “So she swung on me and I swung on her back, but they broke us up real quick. And then we started laughing like ten minutes later,” the Real Housewives of Atlanta star stated.

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