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Must Watch: This Little Girl Emphatically Argues With Dad About The #4



We’ve all had moments where we were adamant about being right. Right? For me, it’s at least once a day I convince someone that I’m correct about any given matter … even though there’s a good chance I’m dead wrong.

Truth of the matter is, people don’t want to be wrong and apparently, this charming trait starts at a very young age.

One video has gone viral of a little girl arguing with her father about the number four. The visual shows little Aaliyah walking with her father while emphatically explaining that 4 does not come between three and five.

“No, it’s one, two, three, five,” she says over and over again as her dad tries to correct her.

But even when Aaliyah’s mother, who was filming, tried to chime in, the cutie pie still wouldn’t back down. “No mommy, it’s one, two, three, five.”

One day she will learn that four does fall into the number system, but for now, she gets a pass.

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