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When it comes to Mariah Carey, anything goes.

The pop star is known for her sex appeal, glamour and consistent choice of over-the-top, dazzling wardrobe on a day-t0-day basis. This is also why nobody was shocked when Carey shared snapshots on Instagram, wearing fishnets to the gym.

In a series of photos and videos posted on Thursday night, the multi-Grammy Award winner can be seen “running amok” while in black fishnets, a leotard, a bomber jacket and to top it off, tennis shoe heels.

The beauty and mother of two was working out with famous celebrity trainer, Gunnar, the man behind whipping Khloe Kardashian into shape. But something tells us the workout sesh was more of an impromptu photo shoot above anything else.

Carey’s “workout” came just hours before the release of her new single, “I Don’t.” On Friday, the singer released the anticipated project featuring YG and fans are raving.

The mid-tempo track sampling Donell Jones’ “Where I Wanna Be” and it’s everything you’d want it to be and more — classic Carey with a little dose of trap.

The star also dropped a visual for the new track which shows Carey doing what she does best … shaking her famous body while moving in slow motion. Enjoy.

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Jill Scott’s Drunken Disaster NOT The Result Of Divorce Drama … So She Says.



Jill Scott is blaming it on the alcohol … not her divorce.

Jilly from Philly had one drink (or several) too many and decided to document her mood for all to see on social media. By the looks of it, she instantly regretted it.

Scott snatched the video down within hours of posting it, but that was still long enough for fans to reach out to the songstress with cries of concern in her comment section. Jill, who recently filed for divorce from her second husband, Mike Dobson, seemed to be crying in the beginning of the video … then laughing hysterically by the end. And, of course, her tribe of supporters took notice.

Unfortunately, Scott wasn’t here for the sympathy. Instead she clapped back at those insinuating she was drowning her divorce tears in a bottle of Henny. In an IG post captioned, “Real Talk. Good Night,” Jill explained that all y’all need to chill and not everything is about her ex.

So, do you believe her? Jill and Mike were married just 15 months before Scott filed for divorce citing “inappropriate marital conduct.” Dobson then went on a media tour shading the Neo-soul singer calling her controlling and evil.

Look, Jill, if you are hitting the bottle to hide your pain we won’t blame you. Even if it is “out of your mind” we’re sure it’s still stressful and that’s ok. On the other hand, if you were justing getting super lit on a Saturday, then more power to you!

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