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Ice Cube Almost Fired Two Agents Over Working With Kevin Hart Too Much



Ice Cube has a new side kick!

While we’ve been accustomed to seeing the rapper turned actor trading jokes and jabs with funny man Kevin Hart, now he’s going head to head with Charlie Day in the new flick Fist Fight and he’s loving it.

Cube jokingly told HipHollywood he was happy to take a break from Hart. “I almost fired two agents behind doing too many movies with Kevin Hart. I’m happy to be here with Charlie Day now my manager can keep his job.”

So how does Day rate up against some of Cube’s other co-stars?

“Charlie is the man. Very fun. I have been wanting to work with him since “Horrible Bosses” and I said if we ever did a movie together it would be bananas.”

In the film Cube and Day play High School teachers who end up going head to head in a fist fight on the last day of school. So who wins?

You’ll have to check out Fist Fight in theaters February 17.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. HONORABLE JP Saint Maurice

    February 23, 2017 at 4:09 PM

    Well personally , I’m boycotting anything Ice ( The house Negro ) Cube, ever does – from now on , primarily due to his public support of the racist , sexist politician known as trump – this activity by cube and other entertainment and sports celebrities’ is totally appalling to me – It’s incredulous to me- Like when Nat Turner and his compatriots arrived at a white slave masters house- to KILL the white slave masters and liberate the Black slaves- those very same ( House Negro)slaves fought their Black Liberators to the death to defend their white slave masters and their own enslavement !!??? That’s cube, 5 cent and could never make a free throw Shaq. I think it’s a disgrace to the memory of our ancestors, just deplorable!

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