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Exclusive: The Real Reason Why Plastic Jesus Created Kanye West “False Idol” Statue



If you live in Hollywood and happened to drive past a standing golden statue of Kanye West, your eyes were not playing tricks on you.

Street artist Plastic Jesus erected the golden “False Idol” right smack dab in the middle of Hollywood all to make a point.

Plastic Jesus tells HipHollywood exclusively that “the piece of art is a comment about how we treat celebrities and the way we idolize them. We make them into God like figures.”

As for why he chose Yeezy, the artist tells us, “There are vey few people in the industry who are elevated to that God like figure. Kanye’s general bankable value is huge in more than just monetary terms.”

PJ, by the way, is the same artist who plastered “No Kardashian Parking” around the city back in 2015. So does he have a problem with the Kardashian/West clan? Not quite.

“I have nothing against the family,” he tells us. “The pieces are criticism of society and our culture as a whole. We are creating these people.”

Kanye has not responded to the golden statue, but PJ says “he’s welcome to attend my show over the weekend. I hope he sses it and takes it for what it is.”

Meanwhile, folks are telling PJ that the “statue has a way better physique than Kanye.” That … we won’t deny.

The Yeezy statue will be shown on Saturday in front of the former tower records store on Sunset Blvd.

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