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Exclusive: Miss Lawrence, Danielle Brooks, Kelly McCreary Respond To Trump’s Trans Bathroom Reversal



Barely reaching two months in the Oval and Donald Trump is causing outrage across the country yet again.

Earlier this week, the President of the United States signed off on the reversal of the federal guidance Barack Obama’s administration had in place regarding transgender students. The initial guidance allowed trans students to use bathrooms fit for their gender identity, not birth gender.

Several celebrities spoke out on social media about the recent reversal, including Caitlyn Jenner, who suggested in a Twitter video that “This is a disaster. And you can still fix it. You made a promise to protect the LGBTQ community. Call me.”

Trump’s actions were also a hot topic during the Essence Women In Hollywood Gala on Thursday night where several stars expressed their opinions about the latest controversy.

Orange is the New Black’s Danielle Brooks explained, “I call him 45 because I can’t call him the P word. I”m keeping the faith and keeping the hope. In the 60’s Black people really fought hard for our rights and they did not give up on this country. Now, this generation, we can’t give up either.”

Grey’s Anatomy star, Kelly McCreary suggested, “This country was not built on a foundation of inclusivity. The process we’ve made over the past couple of centuries has been about including everybody in that fold. We have to do that intentionally, we have to do that with laws.”

And Miss Lawrence, star of Fox’s hit show, Star, added, “That is disgusting. I think we can experience bullying on a level we’ve never even seen. How soon do we forget to experience separatism.”

Following the decision, the White House explained in a statement that “President Trump has clearly stated, he believes policy regarding transgender bathrooms should be decided at the state level. The joint decision made today by the Department of Justice and the Department of Education … paves the way for an open and inclusive process to take place at the local level with input from parents, students, teachers and administrators.”

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