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Drake Slams Donald Trump During London Performance On Boy Meets World Tour



Safe to say…even Canadians don’t like Donald Trump.

On Sunday, during a stop in London while on his “Boy Meets World Tour,” Drake used his platform to get a bit political with his fans. In between songs, Drake gave us a nice Kanye style rant regarding Mr. Trump.

Long story short- Drake is NOT feeling him.

“Every day I wake up and see all this bullsh– going in the world, people trying to tear us apart, people trying to make us turn against each other,” he said. “My proudest moment — take a look around at this room, you’ll people from all races and all places.”

Drake continued his rant, but this time- it turned personal.

“If you think one man can tear this world apart, you’re out of your motherf—ing mind. It’s on us to keep this sh– together. F— that man.”

Well said Drizzy, well said.

Watch Drake’s full rant below:

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