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St. Louis bigot Bob Romanik may come face to face with the man he called a “greasy black n*gger son-of-a-bitch” during a recent radio broadcast. That man is known to millions as Waka Flocka Flame, a rapper furious that Romanik is still on air after using the n-word over a dozen times.

Waka came into Bob’s crosshairs after the shock jock learned that the Atlanta artist had used a fan’s Donald Trump jersey to wipe his a** during a concert. “Waka Flocka took a good crap on our President-elect’s shirt. Our White president … You think Trump has done anything to this man?” Romanik questioned.

“Trump will probably do more for this Black n*gger than Obama has ever done for the proud Black community … We’re talking about Waka Flocka … that greasy Black n*gger son-of-a-bitch. I’ll tell you what you Black bastard, let me wear a Trump shirt and you grab it off me, you’ll be the deadest son of a bitch walking around,” he warned.

Faced with pushback over his inflammatory language, Romanik has spent the past month defending himself and his First Amendment rights. “If you say cracker or honky to a white race, I won’t get any heat, but let me say n*gger one time,” Romanik argued during a separate broadcast. “A black person can use the word and a white person can’t? How discriminatory is that?” he pondered.

Waka has since posted a video online responding to Romanik’s disgusting language, issuing a very stern warning. “I heard that idiot. Disgrace to White America. I heard that cracker. Excuse me. That’s a cracker, that’s not a White man. A White cracker is a disrespectful, racist bastard. That’s a White cracker. I’m going to go up to his show. I’m going to find out how much he gonna kill me when I come back in the states. I’ma show you how we handle sh*t. I’m not gonna call the cops. I’ma go up to his show and see if he talk that ra-ra sh*t when I pull up.”

Waka is currently touring overseas, in Russia of all places. We’ll keep you posted on this developing story.

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Jill Scott’s Drunken Disaster NOT The Result Of Divorce Drama … So She Says.



Jill Scott is blaming it on the alcohol … not her divorce.

Jilly from Philly had one drink (or several) too many and decided to document her mood for all to see on social media. By the looks of it, she instantly regretted it.

Scott snatched the video down within hours of posting it, but that was still long enough for fans to reach out to the songstress with cries of concern in her comment section. Jill, who recently filed for divorce from her second husband, Mike Dobson, seemed to be crying in the beginning of the video … then laughing hysterically by the end. And, of course, her tribe of supporters took notice.

Unfortunately, Scott wasn’t here for the sympathy. Instead she clapped back at those insinuating she was drowning her divorce tears in a bottle of Henny. In an IG post captioned, “Real Talk. Good Night,” Jill explained that all y’all need to chill and not everything is about her ex.

So, do you believe her? Jill and Mike were married just 15 months before Scott filed for divorce citing “inappropriate marital conduct.” Dobson then went on a media tour shading the Neo-soul singer calling her controlling and evil.

Look, Jill, if you are hitting the bottle to hide your pain we won’t blame you. Even if it is “out of your mind” we’re sure it’s still stressful and that’s ok. On the other hand, if you were justing getting super lit on a Saturday, then more power to you!

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