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Look everyone! It’s another privileged person getting a slap on the wrist for not only being ignorant, but racist too.

In October, when Cover Girl signed James Charles, the makeup brand’s first-ever male spokesperson, we were all here for it.

But now, those feelings have changed.

On Thursday, Charles made a stereotypical and ignorant comment on Twitter about Africa and Ebola.

And when we say ignorant, we mean the dude should have done his research before tweeting this:

Yeah, ouch.

What makes matters worse is our privileged teen must not have gotten the news that Ebola has been cleared from Africa ever since January of 2016.

But wait folks! It gets SO much better.

Mr. Charles suddenly had a change in heart and apologized for what he said saying that he takes full responsibility for his actions and that he recognizes his privilege.

He even corrected himself and said that Africa is a continent in another tweet!

Way to go(ogle) James!

Eventually, CoverGirl stepped in and tweeted to its followers that they don’t agree with James’ statement (shocker) and that they “…appreciate that he has issued an apology.”

Unfortunately for James, an apology isn’t going to make this all go away.

But hey, the kid still has his CG contract.

Talk about “recognizing your privilege,” huh Mr. Charles.

Check out what Twitter users have been saying about the CoverGirl spokesperson’s tweets below:

(When) Should CoverGirl terminate James’ contract? Let us know in the comments below!

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White Cheerleaders Scream “F*ck N*ggers” In Viral Video — But Why Officials Might Be Defending The Girls



A video has gone viral of a group of white high school students screaming what appears to be “f*ck ni**ers,” but is there more to the disgusting clip?

The horrendous visual, which went viral earlier this week, shows three girls from Weber High School in Utah yelling the offensive phrase at the top of their lungs.

“We are shocked by the conduct of these students and the contents of the video,” Weber School District said in a statement of the 10 second video. “School officials have started an investigation and the matter is being taken very seriously.”

They added, “We are trying to determine when the video was made, where it was filmed, why the students would engage in such conduct, and how the clip ended up on social media.”

While folks around the nation are disgusted by the disturbing occurrence, some school officials might be defending the group of perceived racists teens.

The district confirmed that an IT guy is looking into the video to see if there was an original video that was put into an app to make a phrase play backwards.

So what could the girls possibly been saying? “Surgeon cuff.” Ummmm, because there’s nothing like yelling “surgeon cuff” in the middle of the day.

After watching the video: Do you think the girls are outright yelling “f*ck n*ggers?”

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