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Catch Me On The Plane How Bow Dat? Notorious Dr. Phil Guest Gets In Fight Aboard Plane



You thought you had seen the last of Danielle Bregoli didn’t you? Well think again.

Bregoli, made social media famous for her “Catch me outside, how about that?” threat while on Dr. Phil, went Muhammad Ali on a passenger aboard a Spirit Airlines plane for allegedly hitting her mother.

C’mon ya’ll. When someone lays hands on Ma’dukes. It’s gotta be on.

TMZ reports that while the 13-year-old and Barbara Ann were loading luggage into a compartment overhead, a fight broke out with another female passenger before taking off from Los Angeles.

“She was saying she was going to fight me. My mom was like, ‘put your hands on my kid.’ My mom took her by her throat, pushed her back and then the lady pushed my mom back,” Bregoli said via an Instagram post early Tuesday. “She got her a** whooped by a fuc**** 13-year-old cause you wanna do heroin and snort fuc**** crack and drink.”

Bregoli continued her rant saying that she only hit the passenger once and concluded the video saying, “So that’s what happens ho. Play with it if you want to.”

All parties have been banned from riding for life.

Cash the videos below… how bou’ dat?

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