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This Woman Just Tried To Sneak Her Boyfriend Out Of Jail In A Suitcase



This Venezeulan woman is a real one. Being real may have just landed her in jail, but there’s no debating just how real she is. Antoinette Robles Saouda tried to break her boyfriend Ibrain Jose Vargas Garcia out of jail in a suitcase. Saouda went to the prison for visitation with her 6-year-old daughter and a pink suitcase.


Once inside, her lover was able to contort himself inside the suitcase, setting the path for one of the greatest prison escapes in history. Unfortunately for the brazen duo, their execution ran into a catatrophic ending when it was time for Saouda to leave. The young lady probably should have spent a few more hours in the gym before attempting the breakout because when guards noticed her struggling to roll her suitcase, they decided to inspect it.

That’s when they discovered Garcia inside the suitcase. Both were thrown behind bars, but it’s their daughter we feel sorry for. The 6-year-old was taken by social services.

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