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Earlier this week, newly engaged tennis pro Serena Williams attempted to flaunt her engagement ring, but teased fans by putting what appeared to be a taco emoji over the top.

But thanks to her fiancé, Reddit c0-founder Alexis Ohanian, the engagement ring was eventually plastered on his famous website. In the image, the pair can be seen standing together on what appears to be the streets of Rome, where he popped the question late last month.

Williams, clad in a white tank top and back skirt, can be seen hugging her man with her right knee popped out to the side. Classic. Her left hand is perfectly stationed on Alexis’ chest while she flaunts the major bling.


Details about the rock are unclear, but there’s no doubt this piece of bling is one to hold close.


What’s funny is Serena thought she was slick and shared the same photo on her Instagram page but pulled the taco emoji stunt again. News flash, Serena: We’ve officially seen the ring. But we will humor you.


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