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Donald Trump’s stooge, Paul Ryan, held a town hall on CNN last night full of the usual partisan rhetoric and nonsense you’d expect from a guy who’d kill healthcare for 30 million Americans while they were sleeping. But it’s not even his political tomfoolery that has people upset, rather his unprovoked attack on the dab.

Ryan was asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper if things written about him on social media bothered him when the dab was brought up. “You get really thick skin, so things really don’t bother me too much because if I find it irksome you kinda just laugh it off. I actually do know what a dab is … just for the record. It’s this,” he said before killing the act that brought so many Americans pleasure over the past couple of years.

After the clip of him dabbing went viral, folks on social media went in on the congressman.

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Jill Scott’s Drunken Disaster NOT The Result Of Divorce Drama … So She Says.



Jill Scott is blaming it on the alcohol … not her divorce.

Jilly from Philly had one drink (or several) too many and decided to document her mood for all to see on social media. By the looks of it, she instantly regretted it.

Scott snatched the video down within hours of posting it, but that was still long enough for fans to reach out to the songstress with cries of concern in her comment section. Jill, who recently filed for divorce from her second husband, Mike Dobson, seemed to be crying in the beginning of the video … then laughing hysterically by the end. And, of course, her tribe of supporters took notice.

Unfortunately, Scott wasn’t here for the sympathy. Instead she clapped back at those insinuating she was drowning her divorce tears in a bottle of Henny. In an IG post captioned, “Real Talk. Good Night,” Jill explained that all y’all need to chill and not everything is about her ex.

So, do you believe her? Jill and Mike were married just 15 months before Scott filed for divorce citing “inappropriate marital conduct.” Dobson then went on a media tour shading the Neo-soul singer calling her controlling and evil.

Look, Jill, if you are hitting the bottle to hide your pain we won’t blame you. Even if it is “out of your mind” we’re sure it’s still stressful and that’s ok. On the other hand, if you were justing getting super lit on a Saturday, then more power to you!

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