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Meek Mill Says He’ll Fight Drake Under This One Condition



Meek Mill is on a mission in 2017 to defend his “Master of the L” crown. The rapper turned social media persona continued his reign of buffoonery this week by posting a video online proclaiming his desire to fight Drake for $5 million. The idea of fighting for money seems to stem from Chris Brown and Soulja Boy’s upcoming fight. “I’ll whip Soulja Boy’s ass,” Mill says before turning his words towards his nemesis.

“I break Drizzy the f*ck up for $5 [million]. Of course I would. And Nicki could be the ring girl. Ya’ll would come see that right, wouldn’t ya’ll? Ya’ll would spend $100 on that.”

A video posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

We definitely would pay to see this fight, since Meek admits in the video that he’s “out of shape” while Drake, on the other hand, has been hitting the weight room regularly. As for Nicki being a ring girl, something tells us she has better things to do than assist in Meek taking another L.

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