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Exclusive: That One Dish Brandy Totally Butchered: “They Were The Nastiest!”



Brandy Norwood is currently showing off her cooking skills on Fox’s new reality show, My Kitchen Rules … but does her kitchen or cooking really rule?

The beauty and her brother Ray J have been whipping up meals for fellow celebrities on the new series, but HipHollywood has learned exclusively that Brandy isn’t always the greatest when it comes to cooking what is proven to be the number one pleasure in life.

During a recent interview with the 37-year-old, she unveiled her worst cooked meal ever. “These potatoes I made one time … I remember these potatoes like they were yesterday. They were the nastiest mf’n potatoes I’ve ever tasted in my life.”

She added, “They were mashed potatoes and they were not good. Salt couldn’t help them, pepper couldn’t help them, Lawry’s salt … Nothing could helped these mashed potatoes, so I threw them away.”

According to the singer, nobody was there when it happened so we got the official exclusive.

All of Brandy’s meals, however, don’t always end up in the trash. Per Norwood, “her cream corn” is to live for.

Annnndddddd … Now we are hungry.

My Kitchen Rules airs on Thursday nights at 9 pm on Fox.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lynn

    February 9, 2017 at 7:11 AM

    Brandy has the nastiest and meanest attitude. Why she feels everyone is “after her” is a mystery to me! She can’t cook so she should be able to accept criticism like everyone else. The dishes they are cooking should be for everyone to enjoy, not their everyday fried foods, especially when they were specifically told that the dinner should be of a finer quality for a special evening. And what did they serve?!, chicken wing parts and something fried! Really Brandy & RJ?!! I was so looking to seeing her but now I am so disappointed in her attitude. I like RJ but he gets on my nerves too, so narcissistic and so is Brandy. They are 2 peas in a pod. Brandy is real negative and makes negative comments all the time. I wonder why? Is it because she still hasn’t gotten over the car accident in 2006 in which she was to blame for a death? I don’t know but I think she should chill. She also looks real sick and skinny and her clothes and hair are just ridiculous. I hope Brandy/RJ lose the cooking competition this week so that more people are able to come and compete who have a nicer and accepting attitude. I had no idea Brandy was so mean and narrow-minded. Please Brandy get it together because you look stupid on TV with your negativism and outright meanness.

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