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Yep … Chrissy Teigen Eating Fried Food While Exercising In A Thong Jumpsuit Is Universally Hot



Let’s start by acknowledging that whatever Chrissy Teigen does, it’s hot! Seriously, the Sports Illustrated model always gets it right, even when stuffing her face with burgers and fries while wearing ’80s-inspired, Richard Simmons-esque workout attire.

Teigen is featured on day 16 of Love magazine’s 2016 Advent Calendar and per the usual, knocked it out of the park with some pretty hilarious, but seemingly sexy, poses.

In the video, the mother of one can be seen wearing a super itsy-bitsy, teeny-winy blue thong jumpsuit, complete with some side and frontal boob action. Oh, and what’s an outfit like this without a pair of leg warmers and a head band?!

Paired with white leg warmers and a red sweat band, Teigen gets to working out, all while eating the junk food we all love: hotdogs, burgers and fries.

Also featured in this year’s calendar, Bella Hadid, who opened the advent season with day one and supermodel Kendall Jenner, who picked up day five.


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