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Most women remember the sweet age of 16 … raging hormones and boys constantly on the brain. For most of us, we either had overprotective guardians or parents who were extra nosey about who we were chatting with on the phone. But for one Hollywood parent, his daughter’s dating habits are in her own hands.

Will Smith has been candid before about his 16-year-old daughter Willow’s social life, but now, the actor is opening up about the beauty’s desire to date.

While on the red carpet for the world premiere of Collateral Beauty, Smith reveled to Entertainment Tonight that the star can “handle herself” when it comes to choosing the right guy.

“They knock on the door and the first couple of questions that Willow asks sort of shuts it down,” he said. “The Smith ladies are a lot.”

The Collateral Beauty star went on to explain his thoughts on Willow’s unique and out-of-the-box fashion style. “She loves self-expression, you know. She’s so confident in who she is and what she wants to be and where she’s going,” Will said “It’s just amazing to see that inner energy come out… I’m very proud of her.”

During the film’s New York premiere on Monday night, the 48-year-old was dapper in a grey suit while posing next to his co-star, Naomie Harris.

Harris, who was just nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in Moonlight, knocked it out of the park in a floral print strapless dress.


The actress revealed on Instagram that she celebrated her Globes nomination in the “best way possible” … with Smith himself. “So honoured to be nominated alongside all the phenomenally talented women in my category for the #goldenglobes,” she wrote. “Celebrated in the best way possible by promoting #collateralbeauty with my favourite #willsmith and the beyond divine #helenmirren.”

The British actress went on to explain that when she grows up, she wants to be Helen Mirren. “Hands down the coolest woman on the planet! Will Smith is both my tormenter, as well as being the coolest man! Love him! #happydays.”

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Becky With The Bad Braids: Meghan McCain + 8 Other Epic Braid Fails



White folks rocking corn rows and braids is nothing knew, but Meghan McCain’s recent hair do while on The View had us shaking our heads.

Besides the fact that it’s Black History Month and they should put a pause on the cultural appropriation, it was just a bad look on Meghan. The Republican co-host (or her stylist) thought it was a good idea to put three cornrows in hair with a super teased pompadour in the middle section.  And to make matters worse the braids were chunky at the top and super thin towards the end. Sigh.

Clearly this was not a black hair dresser because if it were they would have at least added some hair. Instead they had Meghan out here looking like a character from Game of Thrones. Or maybe that’s what they were going for. Either way it’s a no for us dawg.

It was also a no for us when Christina Aguilera decided to get dirty and rock “medusa” braids to the World Music Awards in 2001.

Then sometime in the 2000s Fergie thought being apart of the Black Eye Peas gave her a pass to wear corn rows.

Kevin Federline also thought since his baby mama (Shar Jackson) was black he could walk around looking an NBA player. Deep sigh.

Melanie Griffin looked a hot damn mess rocking braids with beads and foil on the ends in 2000.

Ke$ha made us cringe in these colorful braids with knots the size of our knuckles.

Kim Kardashian also had us screaming girl bye when she first attempted to rock braids like Bo Derek.

Lena Dunham tried it with these pitiful plaits during her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

And Coco almost got a pass until she decided to call her braids the “Coco swoop”.



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