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Michelle Obama sat down with Oprah Winfrey on Monday night it what would be her final interview as First Lady of the United States and we can almost cry knowing this very fact.

During Obama’s chat with Lady O, the mother of two opened up about the country campaigning for her to run for the Oval in 2020. “No, no,” she said emphatically. She explained, “Look, that’s one thing I don’t do. I don’t make stuff up. I’m not coy. I’m pretty direct. If I were interested in it, I would say it. I don’t play games.”

She added, “People don’t understand how hard this is, and it’s not something [where] you just cavalierly ask a family to do it again.”

Following the victory of president-elect, Donald Trump, people around the nation began campaigning for Obama to run in four years. But just like many folks around the world, Michelle didn’t learn of Trump’s big win until the morning after. “Pretty much, you kind of saw the tea leaves,” she said, suggesting she went to bed before the final numbers were in. “Mentally, I’d already digested it before I actually read it.”

Michelle is currently preparing to leave The White House and according to the 52-year-old, it hasn’t been exactly what we would call hard work. “I do a lot of pointing,” she joked.

Meanwhile, the First Lady’s mother is also ready to move on from a long eight years. “Grandma is done!” Michelle said. “She is going back to Chicago. She is like, ‘Bye, Felicia!'”

2017 Inauguration Day will be on Friday January 20, 2016, and at that point, Michelle will pass the First Lady reigns on to Melania Trump. When asked about her meeting with Trump, Barack’s wife said, “It was a wonderful visit.”

She continued, “My offer to Melania was, ‘You really don’t know what you don’t know until you’re here, so the door is open,’ as I’ve told her and as Laura Bush told me and as other First Ladies told me.”


Thanks To Jay Z Fifth Harmony Star Normani Kordei Finally Gets Her Time To Shine



First, let’s start with the sad news. Fifth Harmony has decided to spilt and go their separate ways. But, that means the good news is … MORE Normani Kordei, ayyyyeeee!

Fifth Harmony released a statement on Monday saying the girls, who were placed together in a group on the singing competition show X-Factor, were taking a hiatus to focus on solo endeavors.

We all know what that means…

Moving on — once word spread that the girls were focusing on their own personal projects Normani instantly became the number one trending topic, Twitter rejoiced and news broke that Jay Z’s ROC Nation would be behind her project. Thanks Hov!


Are you here for Normani’s solo mission or will you miss the group more?

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