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Mel B Gets Naked!



Celebrities stripping down for a good cause is always a great way to start off your Monday!

Mel B just got naked, and we mean all the way naked, simply to promote women empowerment. Scary? Not the slightest.

Over the weekend, the Spice Girls singer and America’s Got Talent judge shared a nude image on Instagram while simply covering up her breasts and southern region.

She captioned the stunning photo: “As a women I Embrace my flaws and I’m comfortable in my own skin,might as well im gonna be in it for the rest of my life,I’m the kinda girl that has absolutely no desire to fit in,ladies we gotta love the skin we are in #feelinmyself.”


The singer was clearly in a body-flaunting mood over the weekend because on Sunday, the mother of three also shared a snapshot of her #titsanda$$ for her 777K IG followers.


Back in July, Mel showed off her rock-hard body while in Ibiza after losing a whopping 30 pounds and fans couldn’t get enough.

B wrote on Instagram: “The only high I got was from working out,and Ive worked soooo hard for this body trust me it didn’t come easy it takes a lot of dedication control dissapline and will power cos it isn’t fun been the only girl at the party not drinking and the only one waking up at the crack of dawn to workout so you still get to do the school run.”


She added, “I say this because a few months ago I was nearly 30lbs heavier and I put myself on a mission to change,to change and be the best version of myself inside and out. I’m not perfect but all I can do is try that’s all we can do,but the hard work is paying of finally I feel amazing and it’s only getting better,” she wrote.

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