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Now THIS is one helluva MasterClass!

Shonda Rhimes and all her television writing brilliance is offering tips, advice and instructions on how to be just like her … and it’ll only cost you $90. The genius behind Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy and more says she doesn’t believe in the phrase “aspiring writer” … “you’re just a writer!”

Rhimes is just one of the latest celebs to offer a MasterClass. Previous MasterClass instructors include Serena Williams, who teaches tennis, chef Gordon Ramsay, who teaches cooking, and many more.

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Thanks To Jay Z Fifth Harmony Star Normani Kordei Finally Gets Her Time To Shine



First, let’s start with the sad news. Fifth Harmony has decided to spilt and go their separate ways. But, that means the good news is … MORE Normani Kordei, ayyyyeeee!

Fifth Harmony released a statement on Monday saying the girls, who were placed together in a group on the singing competition show X-Factor, were taking a hiatus to focus on solo endeavors.

We all know what that means…

Moving on — once word spread that the girls were focusing on their own personal projects Normani instantly became the number one trending topic, Twitter rejoiced and news broke that Jay Z’s ROC Nation would be behind her project. Thanks Hov!


Are you here for Normani’s solo mission or will you miss the group more?

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