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Issa Rae is officially a Golden Globe nominee.

The actress picked up her first Golden Globe nomination on Monday morning for her role on Insecure, a series also created by the Los Angeles native. “I am surprised at the passionate response. Everybody strives to make a show that’s successful,” the 31-year-old recently told HipHollywood when asked about the success of the HBO comedy.

She continued, “We wanted to make a show that was vey real and relatable where people would watch it and be like, ‘I know who that is’ or, ‘I am that person’ or, ‘I don’t ever want to be that person.'”

Rae, best known for her web series Awkward Black Girl, added, “You relate at the end of the day and it feels like people are relating super hard.”

Following the announcements, Issa not only thanked the academy for the nomination, but also expressed joy regarding the diversity in this year’s nominees. “How I feel today seeing all these mela-nominations. Thank you everybody,” she wrote on Twitter, including a clip of Wale’s “Lady” freestyle, Black Is Gold.


Rae’s series just wrapped Season 1 and fans are already anxious for Season 2 to hit air waves. “You gotta watch to find out,” she told us when asked what fans can expect. “We are definitely going to answer all the questions that people have, but we just want to tell a honest, true to life story.”

The actress further explained, “So think about what happened in your life and that will probably play out.”

Congrats to Rae on the big nod.

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Tracee Ellis Ross Spills The Real Tea On ‘Black-ish’ Wage Demands + Deon Cole, Jenifer Lewis Weigh In



Tracee Ellis Ross is unveiling the truth behind recent reports that she was demanding more money for her time spent on ABC’s Black-ish.

Just last week, The Hollywood Reporter suggested Tracy was in negotiations and asking for more for not only going into her fourth season on the hit show, but because her male co-host, Anthony Anderson, makes significantly more than she does.

The report also claimed that if she didn’t make any headway, she might step away and consider guest starring on other shows.

Over the weekend, Ellis addressed the reports and didn’t exactly deny the claims. In a lengthy statement shared on social media, Ross said that she “was in renegotiation, like many actors find themselves in during the fourth season of a successful show.”

She continued, “I wanted to be compensated in a way that matches my contribution to a show that I love for many reasons, including the opportunity it allows me to reshape what it is to be a fully realized black woman on TV.”

She did, however, confirm that claims there were threats are false. “I wish I could have been called by the reporter to confirm that,” she wrote.

Tracy’s statement falls right in line with what her co-stars, Deon Cole and Jenifer Lewis, explained to HipHollywood on Sunday night during the 2018 SAG Awards.

When asked about Ross’ desire to earn more money, Lewis said, “Tracee should have more money, you should have more money, every woman should have more money because we’ve been in the background too long. ”

Television’s favorite mom continued, “We’ve got grab her by the pussy in the White House and women are not standing for it anymore. Black-ish is a very important show, we are dealing with all the pressing issues of our time … This is the time to look it in the face and address it and come through the fire. Women are not taking it anymore.”

Deon also shut down rumors that Ross would be taking a back seat, telling us “There’s two sides to every story. Tracee is fine, everybody is fine, and everybody is getting paid. Everybody is eating. It’s all love I promise you.”

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