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Chris Brown Likes To “Party” Hard With Usher And Gucci Mane



When Chris Brown, Usher and Gucci Mane link up, you know a good time is about to be had by all!

The talented trio teamed up for Breezy’s new song “Party” and just dropped the video for the upbeat hit. Brown and Ush deliver their signature dance moves while Mane provides the bars that made him famous.

Check out the video below. It’s definitely a “Party” you will be mad you didn’t get an invite to. Oh, and if you need more convincing, just read Brown’s Instagram post. It’s an impassioned plea about why he’s the realest dude out right now…

PARTY IS ON ITUNES!!! FUCK STREAMS!!! I work harder then all these niggas Wit half a y’all consumers afraid and bias ass opinions on me!! NAME ONE NIGGA OUT HERE DAT CAN eVEN DO HALFOF WHAT I CAN!!! IN MY KANYE VOICE!!! Take ya head out y’all ass and support the only artist left with a vision and dedication to his fans. I AInt GONE KEEP BUSTING MY ASS FOR IT TO BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED BY FUCKNIGGAS IN SOCIETY! IM ON MY GORILLA SHIT! I’m passionate about my shit and you can name one nigga that directs his own shit/ spend money on my projects out my pocket!!! Y’all better wake up following these non lyrical rappers and scared ass internet thugs! #NOMOREFAKESHIT. Put yo money where ya mouth is!!!!! Simple as that!!! ( NO ARROGANCE, I JUST KNOW WHAT IM WORTH) you should to! PEOPLE SAYING IM ANGRY!! The total opposite! IM FOCUSED. Some of y’all never had to struggle or work for anything in y’all life so you will never comprehend! If u ain’t on the team, simply exit your ears and eyes from my progression. Not aggression! Don’t worry, Ima lead, you choose to follow if you want. My music is only as big as my supporters allow!

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