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Watch A Livid Kevin Durant Go HAM On Reporter When Asked About Petty Drake



Kevin Durant was in a MOOD on Wednesday night following his game against the Toronto Raptors.

Following the Warrior’s big 127 – 121 win against the NBA team, a sideline reporter stopped Durant for a quick post-game interview. First, the pair discussed the team’s extended road trip and getting off to a good start, but things went from 0-100 when Durant was asked about Drake.

The Raptors hosted the Warriors at the Air Canada Centre and it just so happened the theme for the evening was “Drake Night.” Drizzy, who is a partial owner of the franchise, not only sat courtside at the game, but there was even a moment when a little Drake impersonator took half court to perform some of the rapper’s hit tracks.

Basically … it was a night of all things Drake.

So when the reporter asked Durant about some of the friendly sideline trash-talking between he and the Canadian rapper, the athlete flipped out. “I don’t give a damn about no Drake night,” he angrily suggested before storming off.

We should note that during the interview, Drizzy bumped into Durant, which, at first, seemed friendly — that is, until the athlete gave the rapper the death stare. And we mean it was a STARE.

It’s unclear what exactly put a bitter taste in Kevin’s mouth, but our guess is things aren’t as tight between the two as the world thought. Quite possibly, the trash-talking went a little too far? Or maybe the post-game bump put Durant into Hulk mode?

By the way, just nine weeks ago, Drake sported a Durant jersey during his show in the Bay Area. Yep, probably won’t see that again.

Neither the rapper nor NBA superstar has responded to the now-viral video.

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