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Omar Epps and Gabrielle Union Laugh Off Possible ‘Love & Basketball’ Musical



Fans of Love & Basketball have been asking for a sequel for years, and now rumors are swirling that the beloved film could be returning to the stage as a musical a la Love Jones: The Musical.

So what does the film’s cast think of this idea?

HipHollywood sat down with Gabrielle Union and Omar Epps  — whose onscreen romance in Almost Christmas definitely had us reminiscing about their characters in Love & Basketball — and got their two cents on the rumors.

“Well, they certainly didn’t tell Shawnie Easton,” joked Union, referring to her infamous character in the film. “Although I did hear that they were turning it into a musical, on the heels of the Love Jones Musical.”

Epps, who played Q in the film, however, didn’t think the musical was a good idea. “Hmmm …. no,” he laughed.

Interestingly, the response has been lukewarm to Love Jones: The Musical (which doesn’t include any of the film’s original cast) so we kind of understand Epps’ sentiment.

As for the film returning to the big screen? He told E! News back in 2015, after the cast reunited for the 15th anniversary, that director/creator Gina Prince Bythewood was against the idea.

“Gina and I actually spoke about that and she has this you-don’t-touch-a-classic-thing, and I agree, but it’s tempting because it’s like, what would the story look like now? The best sequels are when they were in mind during the original; when you are searching for the sequel, that’s when it doesn’t really work.”




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