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Kendall Jenner Frees The Nipple … Again



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Kendall Jenner has taken after her sister Kim Kardashian by hopping aboard the Free the Nipple Because I Don’t GAF Train.

Jenner is a 21-year-old fashion model who has no problem showing off her nipples — seriously, none at all.

Kendall posted a snapshot over the weekend of herself wearing a completely sheer top that seemingly exposed every inch of her breasts. Because IG has yet to approve the nipple trend, Kendall classed the image up by adding pizza slices over her girls.

The photo, taken during Kris Jenner’s 61st birthday celebration, was simply captioned: “zaza.”


Jenner is no stranger to airing out her ladies. Back in July 2015, Jenner was spotted perusing the streets of Los Angeles in a low-cut, white blouse that left very little to the imagination. While shopping at Barney’s with friends, Jenner let her little nip loose and gave the paps quite a show.

Pacific Coast News

Pacific Coast News

And we can’t forget about when Kendall exposed her nipples just days after celebrating her 18th birthday.

Then there was also the handful of times the beauty shared the goods during runway shows — including this photo collage from Fashion Week 2014. Jenner’s sister posted an unedited collage of Kendall walking in the Marc Jacobs show — nipples and all. Unfortunately, IG snatched it down.

It was just last month that Kendall’s sister Kim expressed her thoughts on exposing the nips. The mother of two, who had been casually freeing the nipple prior to the Paris robbery that let her completely shaken up, shared via her app that she doesn’t GAF about what we all see.

In a post titled “Sheer Nipple Vibes,” Kanye West’s wifey shoed off some of her favorite nipple-baring outfits, writing:  “I have always loved sheer—I just don’t GAF, LOL.”


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