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Jeremih Responds To Storming Off Stage In Chicago + Why Singer Yelled “F*ck Ya’ll”



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Time and time again we see artists storm off stage for a plethora of reasons. From Justin Bieber to, most recently, rapper Kanye West, there are many stars who always (as kids nowadays like to say) “stay in their feelings.” This is now officially true for singer Jeremih.

During the singer’s show in his hometown of Chicago on Tuesday night, the 29-year-old abruptly stormed off stage without any explanation after only performing three songs.

Per cell phone footage now circulating the Web, the “Oui” singer yells, “What?!” before suggesting, “Ah, they some haters, man. F*ck ya’ll.” The singer then followed up by dropping the microphone.

Fans were clearly confused by the random outburst, but according to Jeremih, his comment was taken out of context. The singer and producer took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to explain exactly what went down.

“Chicago u know I love y’all ‘, I didn’t say ‘f*ck y’all’ I said “ah they some hatas! F*ck yalll! (to the sound people) that cut off my ears while performing,” he wrote. The pop star added, “Truth is ‘they’ didnt want me 2 perform tonight.. it sad people will take ur money and blatantly make it seem like I only want to do 2 songs.”


Several fans spoke out on social media angry about the concert that was apparently cut very short. One Twitter user wrote: “Can I get a refund? Not impressed for 3 damn songs in your own city .”


Someone else tweeted: “What a joke $60 a ticket for 3 songs!?!? .”


The singer was even compared to Kanye, who, earlier this month, performed two songs in Sacramento before also dropping the mic and storming off stage.


Jeremih’s next show is set for December 1 in Houston, Texas, and we are pretty positive the singer will make up for his time spent in Chicago.

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