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Jenifer Lewis Tells Fans To “Get Your A$$ Out And Vote” In The Most Epic Way



Jenifer Lewis is using her mega vocals to remind fans to get out and vote. Rather … get your “a$$ out and vote.”

On Sunday evening, ahead of Tuesday’s 2016 election day, the actress took to Instagram to sing a stellar and entertaining hook about the biggest day of the year.

While sitting at a piano, the black-ish star, clad in a purple jacket, purple glasses and red lipstick, belts out a gospel-inspired song about voting. “I don’t care who you are or where you work, get your ass out and vote,” the soulful superstar sings. “This ain’t the election to sit at home and lurk, get your ass out and vote.”

Jenifer continues by singing “get your a$$ and vote” before dropping her popular phrase “in these streets.”

I like to keep it simple. But I mean this! #VOTE #so #important #inthesestreets #getyourassoutandVOTE @4everbrandy

A video posted by Jenifer Lewis (@jeniferlewisforreal) on

The singer is clearly drawing reference to her viral song with Brandy and Roz Ryan, “In These Streets,” a track that, earlier this year, was embedded in brains around the world.

Jenifer isn’t the only star advising fans to vote. Rapper Jay Z, who rarely ever tweets, took to the social media network to encourage his fans to “take sides.” He also hosted a free get-out-the-vote concert at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, OH, over the weekend.


Katy Perry got nude in efforts to push people to the polls, suggesting that you can go and vote looking like sh*t.

Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo and Keegan-Michael Key are featured in a campaign urging for people to vote. The actors suggest in a viral video that it’s the “most important decision in history.” The group collectively explains that “you have a chance, you have an obligation to be part of that decision.”

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