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In those jeans … or out of those jeans!

There are new photos of what’s said to be Ginuwine’s man parts floating around the Internet and the singer isn’t exactly denying that the NSFW images are his.

After the leaked penis images hit the Web, the 46-year-old took wrote on Twitter: “Everybody keep talking about pics and all SO WHAT!!! We all trust people at times that we shouldn’t won’t say names as of now!!! Stay tuned,” he wrote.


It looks like the “Pony” singer trusted someone with the photos, and whelp, this was the outcome.

In the images, a Nike sandal-wearing singer can be seen holding his parts while sporting a pair of green shorts — In another photo, the D.C. native drops his junk while in a pair of jeans.

Folks on social media definitely didn’t hold back when responding to the photos. In fact, most people applauded the pop star and his man parts.

that’s no pony, it’s a horse baby! Be proud G, we all born naked after all…much luv,” someone posted.

Another commenter wrote: “ something that beautiful doesn’t need to be a secret anyway.”

Someone else commented: “ but bae we not mad I mean look at this thang hunny.”

Another social media user suggested that that singer’s “stock just went up” and for another Twitter follower, Ginuwine is officially “the man. No matter what im a fan for life!!!”

And we can’t forget about the fantastic memes. From the classic Rihanna applause meme to the good ol’ Porsha Williams finger-pointing moment, we’d say the commenters hit it on the head. No pun intended.

Last month, Ginuwine celebrated his 20-year anniversary of being in the business. The singer also recently hinted that he will be dropping a new album next year.

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