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“F*ck Kanye” are two words that were chanted and echoed throughout the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento over the weekend after a disappointing Kanye West concert.

Actually, to be frank, disappointing is an absolute understatement. Let’s just say not even 24 hours after Yeezy’s disastrous show at the brand new, state-of-the-art arena that left hundreds of fans angry and emotional, refunds were already dished out to pissed off Ye followers — enough said.

A concert goer revealed to HipHollywood that they received a message on Sunday afternoon from the Golden 1 Center saying that Saturday’s show was being “refunded at the original point of purchase” and are being “refunded automatically in full.” Per the message, “refunds will post to the original payment source within 5-7 days.”


HipHollywood has also learned new details about the unfortunate evening that started with a ranting Kanye and ended with a ranting Kanye just 45 minutes after the concert start time.

According to our source, the show started at 10:30 pm PST and shockingly came to a screeching halt at 11:05 pm. We are told that at the start of the show, Ye brought out his former rap nemesis Kid Cudi and performed “Father Stretch My Hands” and “Famous” before hugging Cudi for three minutes. Weird.

After Cudi walked off stage, Kanye decided to perform that same two songs again before launching into a serious rant about Jay Z and Beyonce. Per our insider, the rapper went on a tirade about the Queen Bey and how she wouldn’t perform at the MTV VMAs unless she beat him for Video of the Year.

The emotional rapper then went on to discuss his personal problems with Jay before pleading for Hova to “call me” and “talk to me like a man, bro.”

Now, this is when things started getting strange.

Per the rapper, he knows some valuable information that essentially could end his life. According to West, he is putting his life in danger by performing every single night and that Jay Z and DJ Khaled have killers out to get him. The rapper then pleaded on stage for Jay and Khaled to not send the killers after his head.

We are also told at some point during the rant, which also included Ye explaining that he’s on his “Trump sh*t,” a fan threw his hat on stage and Ye yelled back, “N*gga, don’t be throwing nothing on stage while I’m talking!”

It’s unclear if Ye’s life is really in danger or if he is having an extreme emotional breakdown, but it’s enough for the rapper to have canceled his Los Angeles show. Ye was supposed to perform at the Forum on Sunday night, but canceled three hours before the show was set to begin.

By the way, Snoop Dogg posted on Instagram that Ye’s Sacramento rant was nothing short of “crazy.”

This nigga crazy

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‘Annihilation’s’ Leading Ladies Use Intense Military Training As Bonding Experience



Annihilation is one hell of a visually stunning sci-fi film with five female leads on an expedition to uncover the mysterious phenomenon that is expanding across the American coastline.

For Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson and Gina Rodriguez, the film, which also lends a voice to what is being called the year of the woman, dressing in head to toe military gear and going through tactical training was a bonding experience.

“”t was really fun. It’s weird to say that. But to have all these women in military training together, where we had to do these exercises … it was a great bonding experience with each other.” Portman told us.

And although the women had the opportunity to use real guns, firearms is not something the ladies of Hollywood advocate. “I’m anti gun to be honest,” Rodriguez said. “I say no guns. There’s no reason for people to have guns especially when you have these,” she said while holding up her firsts.

This past week Gina has been very vocal via social media about gun legislation and the idea behind policy and change following the tragic high school massacre an Parkland, Florida.
Annihilation, also starring Oscar Isaac, hits theaters on February 23.
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