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Boris Kodjoe might be one of Kevin Hart’s best buds, but when it comes to Hart’s alter ego, Chocolate Droppa, Boris isn’t exactly a fan.

While at the People’s Choice Awards nominations in Beverly Hills this week, The Real Husbands of Hollywood co-star suggested that Chocolate Droppa isn’t very talented.

He told HipHollywood exclusively that Chocolate Droppa, “is self-involved, self-indulged; he is completely, unjustifiably arrogant and conceited; he’s not very tall; he’s very dark, so when you take a picture of him without a flash you’ve gotta have him open his mouth so you can see him.”

That’s when Boris, who is known for his sarcastic ways, expressed, “Other than that, I like him.”

Gotta love it. Surely, Boris was having fun with us regarding Droppa, who, when referring back to his legal name, Kevin, was nominated a handful of times for the People’s Choice Awards.

Just last week, CD dropped the video for his hit “Push It On Me,” featuring Trey Songz. The track, off Droppa’s debut mixtape, Kevin Hart: What Now? (The Mixtape Presents Chocolate Droppa), shows the comedian turned rapper dancing on a rock with a tiger and a bevy of beautiful ladies.

Oh, and the visual has a nice little cameo by the one and only Keri Hilson.

In August, Hart confirmed via Instagram that he signed a major deal with Motown. “If you’re a rapper I suggest you run because I’m about to come for all of you sucka’s,” he wrote. “Y’all just knocked on the door of a small giant that loves chicken nuggets and long walks in the park in the summer….which basically means that I will kill everybody.”

He added, “Real Rap Raw mothaf*cka’sssss…….Who wants war???? Raise yo hand B*tches….that’s what I though….Droppa Motha F*cka’s!!!!!!! #WhatNow #hittingtheatersoctober14th #Droppa #TheBestToEverDoIt TAG YO FAVORITE PUNK ASS RAPPER AND TELL HIM THAT HE OR SHE HAS BEEN WARNED!!!!! GAME OVER MOTHA F*CKA’s.”


Exclusive: So, Is The New “Friday” Movie Really Happening … Or Nah?!



There’s Friday, Next Friday, Friday After Next … and now maybe Last Friday?

Fans have been begging Ice Cube to bring back his uber popular Friday franchise for years. And now that his look-a-like son, O’Shea Jackson Jr., is killing the thespian game, just like his pops, a reboot seems all the more possible, right?

Just last week, comedian DC Young Fly posted a pic on Instagram teasing his fans about the possibility of himself and Jackson, Jr. filling the roles of Smokey (originally played by Chris Tucker) and Craig.

And of course fans went crazy. But when we chatted with O’Shea during the press day for his new action film “Den of Thieves”, he was a bit more reserved about the idea.

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