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Lil Wayne is an open book! Or at least he is when it comes to his time in prison some six years ago. The oft reclusive rapper sat down with HipHollywood to discuss his new prison memoir, Gone Til November: A Journal of Rikers Island, on shelves now, and also opened up about his future in the rap game, given his lawsuit and feud with Cash Money head honcho Birdman.

“It wasn’t my idea to release it, it was my homie’s idea,” explained the 34-year-old MC of his 100-plus-page manuscript. “I was just doing it to have something to look forward to, to get through my day.”

In it, Wayne recounts his daily routine as an inmate at Rikers Island Correctional Facility,  including prayer, writing in his journal (which became the foundation for the book), and serving as the prison’s suicide prevention aide.

The time, according to him, helped make him a stronger person, and perhaps is what is helping him get through his recent legal dispute over royalties with his former mentor Birdman.

“Even if I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, if you are a fan of mine, go ahead and get behind me, and know that if there’s a wall, Imma bust that b–ch down, and guess what? There’s a lot of light on the other side.”

Wayne also clarified a tweet he wrote a few weeks ago that had many of his fans wondering if he was retiring. He told us he has no plans leaving the rap game anytime soon. “I was saying I was retiring from using certain beats,” said Wayne through a cloud of smoke. “There were these certain beats we were using; I’m retiring from them b–ches, dem b–ches stank.”

And, as for if he and Birdman, who he once identified as a father, will ever be friends or even family again, Weezy had this to say: “His last name isn’t Carter; he isn’t family.”

Well, we guess that’s a no. Check out the full interview above.





50 Cent Talks Wage Gap: “I’m The Star Of The Movie … They Shouldn’t Get The Same Check!”



Scheming, coniving, calculating … this group of guys will do whatever it takes to get the job done in the new action flick Den Of Thieves.

While Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Pablo Schreiber and O’Shea Jackson Jr. try to pull of an elaborate bank heist, it’s Gerard Butler that trys to stop them in their tracks. They may be at odds on the big screen but it was all bro love off screen … so much so that Fiddy so graciously showed them his sex tape!

All jokes aside, the camaraderie amongst these guys was evident, but it was the diversity amongst the all male cast that made Butler most proud. “This is the most diverse cast and everybody in the movie is fantastic and it’s just great,” the A-lister stated while beaming.

And in addition to the team being diverse, their paychecks were also substantially different … but Fiddy’s take on the wage gap is an interesting one. “I’m the star of the movie, so I have to be paid … those other guys shouldn’t get the same check,” Jackson revealed. But, of course, he said it with a smile.

Den Of Thieves hit theaters Friday, January 19th … get ready for a crazy ride with a twist ending! Oh, and here’s a look at some pics from Tuesday night’s premiere.

The Cast of DEN OF THIEVES attend the Los Angeles Premiere


Mo McRae attends the Los Angeles Premiere of DEN OF THIEVES

O’Shea Jackson Jr. attends the Los Angeles Premiere of DEN OF THIEVES


Sire Jackson and Curtis 50 Cent Jackson attend the Los Angeles Premiere of DEN OF THIEVES

Ice Cube, Kimberly Woodruff, and O’Shea Jackson Jr. attend the Los Angeles Premiere of DEN OF THIEVES.

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