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Jeezy dropped by The Breakfast Club this morning and clarified a recent comparison he made of Donald Trump and Tupac Shakur.

“When I look at the election right now and all the bullshit that’s going on, you can’t help but laugh,” Jeezy told host Taxstone during his Tax Season podcast interview. “You got Donald Trump – and I tell n*ggas, that n*gga’s cold. If he was a rapper right now, he’d be 2Pac. If you put that album out right now, it’d be diamond. He hot.”

Asked about the “controversial” comparison on The Breakfast Club, Jeezy fired back at his haters questioning their attention span. “Did your ignorant ass listen to the whole interview? … that’s what I hate about my people, black people, we just take whatever and run with it.”

“I was saying that he’s the hottest person in politics, and had he dropped an album right now, he’d go diamond like Tupac did because he’s the hottest person in what he’s doing,” Jeezy explained. “He’s everywhere, like you can’t turn on the TV and not see this dude. And he really don’t give a fuck.”

The Atlanta rapper also said Trump’s outlandish behavior has been the fuel that has ignited the GOP’s base. “For the Republican Party, they’re boring. They’re like old people that just count they money. He’s giving them something they never had. He’s giving them excitement. He’s rebellious. This man called Hillary Clinton the devil, I wouldn’t call my auntie that.”


Jennifer Hudson Is In Fear For Her Life, Gets Order Of Protection Against Ex-Fiancé David Otunga



Jennifer Hudson has been granted a protective order against her former fiancé, David Otunga.

Apparently, after 10 years together, Jennifer and David broke-up for several months ago. However, things turned extremely sour while the pair were trying to work out a custody situation for their 8-year-old son, David Jr. According to the protection order, Jennifer claims the former wrestler exhibited “aggressive, threatening and harassing behavior toward me.” She also says, “I am now living in fear of further action David might take.”

After receiving the order of protection on Thursday, cops showed up to Hudson’s home, that she shared with David, and escorted him out.

Otunga’s attorney vehemently denies any wrongdoing on David’s behalf and claims that Jennifer is using this protection order as a ploy to get the courts to give her primary physical custody of David Jr.

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