Fetty Wap Got Stacks Of Cash … And It Ain’t For The Strippers!

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Fetty Wap stepped out Wednesday with so much money it looked like he was ready for a fun-filled night at King of Diamonds; instead, he was actually headed to court.

The “Trap Queen” rapper was arrested in July for driving with a suspended license. According to, he pleaded guilty to failure to replace lost, destroyed or defaced license plates, having tinted windows that were too dark, driving with a suspended license and a charge related to police responding to his home more than twice for false alarms.

When the rapper showed up to pay his fines, he brought $185,000 in cash and told reporters he was in court for “DWB-AR: driving while black and rich.” Turns out his fine was only $360, so he has tons of ones left over to make it rain on some pretty girls tonight.

Check out the video of Fetty showing up to pay his fines below.

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