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Zendaya Recalls Encounter With Apparent Racist Grocery Store Clerk: “I Can’t Make This Sh*t Up”



Zendaya is livid this morning after coming face to face with an apparently racist Vons grocery store clerk who insinuated the 20-year-old couldn’t afford the items she was buying.

The actress recalled the horrific moment on Snapchat, telling her fans that she was “trying to buy a lot of gift cards … There’s some certain limits and things which is understandable.”

She continued, “The lady that was helping us was not a fan of our skin tone. I will call recall her not trying to help us at all saying that we couldn’t buy the gift cards and then throwing my wallet. Can’t make this sh*t up.”

Meanwhile, in the background, her male friend was cosigning every word Zendaya uttered.

“This is what we deal with,” the actress said.

Zendaya explained that the clerk looked at her like “you can’t afford this.” Per the singer, the items amounted to $400.

“There’s so much progress to be done in the world,” Zendaya said. “It wasn’t like a throw, it was like a toss … with my card still loose.”

She finally concluded, “It’s all love, may she go on to have a wonderful life.”

As for whether or not the star got her items — the manager came over to help and Zendaya left with her gifts.

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