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Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown is no stranger to urban slang.

The 12-year-old British actress stopped by Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show on Tuesday night and revealed to the host what it would take for him to be in her squad. So, she put him to the millennial test.

Let the auction begin.

Brown first asked Colbert, “What does ‘bae’ mean?”

He responded, “Bae, it’s your sweetie. It’s your special one.”

“Yeah, but what does it stand for?” Millie asked.

“Bae-by?” Colbert said. Not quite. “It’s like you’re my before anyone else,” Brown corrected.

She then hit the 52-year-old with, “What does ‘lit’ mean?”

“Oh, it’s super cool,” Stephen said. “It’s happening.”

She answered, “No … but we will go on to the next question.”

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